San Diego start-up enters national spotlight

blog picBill Lyons, a San Diego entrepreneur and recent reality TV survivor, will be part of a national real estate conference that will feature folks like the founder of Craigslist and the president and CEO of CitiMortgage.

Lyons, of Mission Hills, survived a swim in ABC’s “Shark Tank” — where aspiring start-up founders and inventors pitch their ideas and either get chewed out or funded. He didn’t get funding, but it appears that experience hasn’t stopped his business momentum. Lyons will join eight other young innovators at Real Estate Connect, a semi-annual get-together put on by leading industry publication Inman.

Lyons’ start-up is Revestor, which promises to help investors find the best property deals with the highest returns. He describes it as a Zillow or Trulia for investors. Inman says Revestor and other companies featured in the panel are among the most promising start-ups that are using technology to make real estate deals easier, saving time and effort for not only real estate agents but also consumers.

“They’re seamlessly synching your contacts, empowering you to create floor plans with your iPad, and giving neighborhoods letter grades based on local feedback, amenities and crime stats,” Inman says.

The young entrepreneurs panel is just one of several events scheduled for Real Estate Connect, which runs from Jan. 16-18 in New York City.


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