Greg and Julie Burnham with San Diego Mayoral Candidate Carl Demaio



Last Thursday evening Julie and I were honored to be invited to attend an informal gathering of a very intimate group where we had the pleasure of meeting Carl Demaio. Paint me cynical if you must, but I was fully expecting to be under-whelmed by “whatever” he may have had to say. With a background in Political Science some might argue that I have perhaps earned a “Right to Cynicism” so to speak… and with Demaio being a “politician” of sorts, he has more than likely stereotypically earned my skepticism. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Tonight we were pleasantly surprised to find a refreshing departure from the status quo of local political drama. Indeed, Carl Demaio was rather kind to his opponent, opting to discuss the challenges facing San Diego rather than kick the opposition when down. Moreover, the topics discussed this evening were not so much treated as problems, challenges, or even issues — rather, Carl Demaio responded to the questions asked as one looking to exploit opportunities for the benefit of the citizens of San Diego. That’s the kind of forward thinking we need in this community. Perhaps under the leadership of Carl Demaio, San Diego’s colloquial moniker: Americas’s Finest City will be embraced with renewed vigor.

Greg Burnham



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